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Guiding Principles

These guiding principles are the foundation for what we offer at A Human Sanctuary and is a reflection of the ways that we navigate our own individual paths. They provide the container and framework for humans to grow toward full self-expression.

Self Realization and Awareness

We seek to understand our true selves, our boundaries, patterns, management strategies, strength and weaknesses. We try to approach our own reality without exiling anything. Knowing ourselves is the service and enacted love that we offer the world.

Curiosity and Nonjudgment

We approach the unknown with curiosity and allow for mystery to be a part of the process of self-realization. We meet all that arises without judgment and remain in a space of compassion toward all light and dark parts of self and humanity.

Congruence and WHOLEness

As we approach self-awareness and inner truth, our inside and outside worlds begin to align and coherence of narrative is revealed. We move toward mind/body/spirit/heart wholeness. We see that suffering points toward areas of illness, disintegration, or some form of unnatural energy blockage and is the compass toward growth. Shadow is included as inevitable in the whole.

Empowerment and Radical Responsibility

We foster self-determination in people of all abilities and ages, recognizing the unique strengths and contributions that each individual offers. We take ownership of our personal mythic arch and narrative, and are responsible for our own growth. Liberation and personal empowerment is the ability to choose from a grounded, loving Self rather than from reaction or conditioning. We are our own medicine.

Interconnection, Empathy, and Service

We celebrate each other’s differences and recognize our inherent connectedness. Through self-exploration we learn, share, and come together in ceremony, increasing our feelings of unity with one another. We give back and serve as we see the wellbeing of others as being fundamentally connected to our own growth and wellness. Giving and receiving happen simultaneously, being able to support inherently means you were supported. We aim to see the world through each other’s eyes and infuse empathy and forgiveness into daily practice. As we practice transparency and courageous vulnerability about our life experiences and hardship, we continue to expand our circle of understanding and compassion.

Human and Nonhuman Rights

We defend the rights of all humans, particularly vulnerable populations such as children, youth, elders, BIPOC, those in poverty, and folk with different abilities. We believe that all people should have access to quality mind/body wellness services and take initiative to bridge this gap. Alongside human rights, nonhuman forms of life have a right to exist for their own needs and purposes. Our mission is to protect the needs, health, and respect of the animal and plant companions in our work.

Environmental Sustainability

We develop conscious connection with the Living Planet.  Permaculture, a combination of the words “permanent” and “agriculture”, is our vehicle for change. It is the methodology of providing for a human body’s survival needs while maintaining a conscious connection with the Living Planet. Permaculture is about creating connections between systems for efficiency, productivity, good health, security, and well-being. When conscious connections are built between people, animals, and the Earth, we increase our awareness of self and our interconnectedness.

Creativity and Expression

Using our imaginative and inventive abilities, we are able to transcend traditional ideas and rules to create meaningful new ideas that lend themselves to the process of connection, expression, and healing. Creative endeavors create a portal for vital unconscious material to be observed and explored.

Meaning and Purpose

While remaining open to the mystery of life and inevitable change, we simultaneously listen to our heart's deepest callings. We are able to hold both nonattachment to outcome as well as the purpose that we feel we are here to live, our unique blueprint and soul's journey. We also recognize this in others and seek to love in a way that allows for everyone to live their true path.

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