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A Human Sanctuary,  
A Therapeutic Farm In the Making

Located in Fred, Tx

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Healing from Developmental Trauma

Children who are in the foster care system often have compounded exposure to trauma. The nature of being removed from their primary attachments and home is traumatic by itself. On top of this also lies the reasons for their removal. In her own journey, both as a healer and as someone healing, Julie Anne has studied and applied the most advanced methods of growing past and through developmental trauma. The culmination of this knowledge and skill base will be brought to the children, other foster parents in the vicinity, and to the social workers who interface with A Human Sanctuary. Julie Anne plans to hold regular support groups and training for foster parents and social workers alike.


Partnering with Gaia, The Great Mother

Exposure to relational trauma frequently severs the trust and safety with other humans. For many children, being in the natural world creates a bridge back to feeling connected and held in a safe way. This was observed by Julie Anne in many adults as well, when processing childhood trauma, most clients would recall their safe places being in Mother Earth's embrace. At A Human Sanctuary, we hold a space for connecting to the natural world as a stepping stone to healthy attachment with people.

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Connecting to Nature's Cycles

We look to nature as a lens toward healing and growth. Partnering with the elements, the rythyms, the dark and light aspects, we help people to see, process, and renegotiate their life story through this lens. Not only metaphorically, but physically moving our collective bodies to reconnect and see our own experiences with this sight. As we plant, grow, harvest, renourish, rest, the psyche and soul is allowed to follow suit.


Animals Teaching Safe Connection

Our rescue animals hold a history, triggers, fears, as well as unique beauties and presence that they bring. We pair the children up with the rescues, encouraging them to witness and see the possibility of overcoming or integrating past trauma. The limitations toward healing are seen as opportunities for us to learn to love others in a new way, unique to their individual needs, without judgment or intention.

Tour the Farm: Services
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